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Valentine's Day: Single Edition

Valentine's Day is notoriously a sad day for the singles, but not this year! You can have a super fun Valentine's Day even if you don't have a valentine. Also, I need to point out that "Valentine" does not necessarily have to be a love interest, it can be friends, family, or any other loved one. This year, Valentine's day is going to be the best Valentines day ever! You can make the most of your Valentines day from anywhere! Here are a few things you can do as a single on Valentines day!

Galentines Picnic

A Galentines Day picnic is a super good way to celebrate Valentines day with your friends. It's also a great opportunity for a socially distanced hang out with your friends. Each person in your friend group can bring a snack, or their own food, you can meet up at a park or the beach, and all dress super cute to take some Instagram pictures! You can bake some Valentines day treats for all of your friends! If you want some snack ideas, go check out my post about the Best Healthy Snacks from Trader Joe's.

Watch a Rom-Com

Ok some people may feel like watching a romantic movie will make them feel even more single on Valentine's day; but if you watch a Rom-Com, then you get the best of both worlds because you are watching a romantic movie with some comedy. You can even make it a movie night with some popcorn and your favorite Valentines day treat! You could even take it so far as to Netflix party with your friends! Below are a few of my favorite rom-coms that are perfect for Valentine's day. Click on the movie you like for the trailer!

Make Valentines Day Treats

So you've heard me talk about "Valentine's Day treats," and you may be wondering what I mean. Here are a few simple and delicious Valentines day treats to make for yourself, your friends, and your family. You can also just go to the store and buy the valentines day candy they have there, like the pink, red, and white m&m's, chocolate hearts, or the reseces hearts! Click on the picture you like for a link to the recipe!

Have a Self Care Night

Having a spa night is also a great option for anyone who wants to be covid safe. You can have a self-care night with materials you already have at home! Here are some ideas to incorporate into your night!

- Take a hot bath

- Start a new book or finish an old one

- Watch a movie

- Bake for your family

- Journal

- Watch your favorite Youtuber

- Paint your nails

- Do a face mask

- Do your hair/blow out your hair

- Listen to music

- Paint

Cook Dinner with or for your Friends/ Make your Friends Valentine's Day gifts

Cooking dinner with your friends or anyone in your Covid-circle is a great activity to do on Valentine's Day. It's also a great photo-ope. You can make anything from handmade pasta to tomato soup, anything that will get you in the spirit! Baking for your friends is also a great option! You can make any of the Valentine's Day treats that I linked above and drop them off at your friends house! You can even FaceTime after and eat your treats together! You can also make valentines day gifts for your friends such as cookie kits or even love jars! Below are a few great crafts to gift to your friends. Click on the picture for directions!

Go to the Store and Buy Yourself Candy and Flowers

This is also a great form of Valentine's Day themed self-care. Take a trip to your local grocery or drug store and buy yourself your favorite candy and some flowers! This is a great way to show appreciation for yourself and practice self-love. Remember that, even as a single, you deserve to be treated like a queen/king!

Make a Minimalistic Cake

This trend has been circulating Pinterest for sometime now but it has shown no signs of stopping. Minimalistic cakes are a super cute thing to do on Valentine's Day when you are a single because you can make it whatever flavor you want without having to compromise with someone else. If you love to bake, its a super cute way to get creative. Aspects of minimalistic cakes include: solid color frosting, simple writing or phrases, and any decorations you want without making it look crazy. (But if you like the conventional cake decor, go for it ;)) Below is some cute valentines day cake inspo!

Make a Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day cards are super easy to make and you most likely have the materials at home! You can make these cards for any family or friends to remind them how much you love them. This is also a great activity to do with your family. You can set up a little card table with colored paper, scissors, glue, stickers, glitter, and whatever else you want to decorate with! Below is some inspiration!

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