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My Summer Bucket List 2021

Bucketlists: "A list of things you want to do before you die." Well, not exactly what I'm talking about but, still cool I guess? Anyways, for the past 2 years I have made an annuel summer bucketlist with a ton of fun things I hope to do that summer. What is so fun about creating a bucketlist is that it is super coustomizeable! Personally, I fill mine with goals, fun activities, restaurants I want to try, places I want to visit, and other random things.

Sine this is my first summer with this blog, I wanted to share the ultimate summer bucketlist with you. BTW I try to stay away from generics, like "swim" or "tan", so if you're not into that, you are in the right place. I also wanted to mention that I usually add things throughout the summer, because I think of things later on. Here is what I have so far + a few extra ideas you might like!


  1. Run through sprinklers

  2. Learn to Surf

  3. Go to a drive-in-movie

  4. Make a time capsule

  5. Have a picnic on the roof

  6. Paint flower pots and plant succulents in them

  7. Fake a birthday at a restaurant

  8. Use someone's back as a canvas

  9. Make a beach playlist

  10. Thrift-flip

  11. Try a new hobby

  12. Leave cute letters in strangers mail-boxes

  13. Get a sun-tattoo using a sticker

  14. Go to a fancy dinner with friends

  15. Jump into the ocean with your clothes on

  16. Themed BBQ

  17. Pull an all-nighter

  18. Sunrise hike

  19. Unplug for a day

  20. Slip-and-slide

  21. Hike in the forest

  22. Get a huge group and go to Lazer Tag

  23. Get a new piercing

  24. Crash a party

  25. Backyard camping

  26. Make a breakfast buffet with friends

  27. Read a series and then watch the show (I'm doing pretty little liars :))

  28. Go to the farmer's market

  29. Eat a peach

  30. Take disposable pictures

  31. Go night swimming

  32. Dye your hair a new color

  33. Sunset bike ride

  34. Get ice-cream with your friends

  35. Have a movie night with a snack charcuterie board

  36. Have a photoshoot

  37. Make jewelry

  38. Baking contest with friends

  39. Save/make $$$

  40. Have a bonfire (safely)

  41. Swim in a lake

  42. Make aesthetic chalk art

  43. Order pizza to a friend's house (when you aren't there)

  44. Learn how to French-braid

  45. Listen to a new album

  46. Make a summer montage

  47. Get a job

  48. Go zip-lining

  49. Make and smash "Let it go" plates

  50. Ding-dong ditch

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