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  • Frankie Smith

My Go-To Summer Uniforms

I'm a big fan of Emma Chamberlain's podcast, Anything Goes. She often talks about her "daily uniform." It used to be Levi's, a white top, and Converse.

"If it's hot out, I basically wear the same thing. Long skirt, scrunched up socks, a pair of loafers, and then a basic tank top," she said. On TikTok, thousands of people are recreating Chamberlain's summer uniform, all with their own unique touch.

It is safe to say Emma has, once again, been a defining fashion figure of our generation. The concept of a 'uniform' seems to be appealing because of its versatility. It alleviates the pressure of putting together an outfit everyday, which is refreshing. I remember in elementary school, I resented wearing a uniform everyday. As I got older however, I realized it was actually a blessing. I can't even figure out an outfit for the two days of the weekend, let alone for school every day.

This summer, I feel like we should embrace this 'uniform' concept. Not only does it give guidance for an everyday look, but you can also make it unique by adding your own flair. Throughout the summer, I have unconsciously been using several basic outfit skeletons for different occasions.

My Basic Uniform

Whether I'm going thrifting or hanging out with friends, my basic summer uniform is pretty similar to Chamberlain's. I like pairing my favorite Zara jean shorts with either a tank top or t-shirt. I finish it off with a tote bag, some high top sneakers, and simple gold jewelry.

Night-Time Going Out Look

Often during the summer, I am going out with family or friends to dinner and other night time events. For this, I've been pairing low rise jeans with a full length top and my white mini purse. Luckily for me, my mom saved a ton of her old low rise jeans from the 90s, but I have also seen some great options on Depop, Brandy Melville, and PacSun.

Night-Time Going Out Look #2

I'm not going to lie, I could not decide on my favorite uniform for a night out. My second go-to is a mini skirt, a tank top and my cowboy boots. This look is so chic and can be personalized in many ways. If it is too hot for pants, this is definitely what I'll be wearing.

Summer Brunch

I love pairing mini dresses with my cowboy boots and gold jewelry. This outfit is perfect for brunch, shopping, or a picnic. My favorite go-to summer dresses are from Aritzia, a local flea market, Isabelle's Cabinet, and Urban Outfitters.

Go-To Beach Fit

By far, my favorite outfit to wear to the beach is flowy pants, I like linen or parachute style, and a button up over my bathing suit. This fit is so tried and true because it is great for any weather. If it is hot, you may wear just the pants or button up with your bathing suit top. If it is cold, you can wear both. Places like Zara and Amazon also have really good matching sets.

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