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My Favorite Fitness Youtubers That Help Me Stay Happy and Healthy

Back in March when the pandemic first hit the US, all of our activities, sports, and everything else were put on pause. This left most of us feeling like we have laid around all day and no one was getting as much activity as they had before. Everyone started going on walks with their family and started to follow workout videos. Now that we are coming up on 11 months in quarantine, I have done my fair share of workout videos to maintain some physical activity in my daily routine. If you have trouble finding a good workout video or just want to get more fit in 2021, then this is for you! Physical activity can come in many forms but videos are a great way to get active anytime and anywhere! Most are done with little or no equipment and don't require a large amount of space. Here are a few of my favorite fitness Youtubers that kept me feeling happy and fit!

Mad Fit

I have been doing Mad Fit workout videos this entire quarantine and they never fail to disappoint. They are super great for anyone, whatever your fitness goals are! All of her videos are super easy to follow and there is really something for everyone. The majority of her workouts are geared toward people who just workout at home, so most of them are no equipment and only require a small amount of space. From stretching to HIIT to dance workouts, she has so many videos that go for different amounts of time so whatever your preferences are. Below are a few of my favorites.

Sami Clark

When I discovered Sami Clark a few months ago, I became obsessed. Her workouts are so perfect to do when you only have a little bit of free time and want to get some exercise. She also has videos on healthy eating and mental health. She has a mix of ab workouts, yoga, and full body workouts! Below are a few of my favorite vids!

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif has also been a big part of my workout routine. Like Mad fit, she has a wide variety of videos featuring abs, HIIT, and butt workouts. Her workouts are more on the intense side and really get you to work up a sweat! They really do get you to feel the burn and I always feel so accomplished after. Here are a few of her videos that I do on a regular basis!

Daisy Keech

Although Daisy Keech isn't really known for her fitness videos, they easily make my top 10. They are super reasonable for anyone who just wants to dedicate 10 mins of their day to workout. She is actually really knowledgeable in the fitness department and it super encouraging in all of her videos! Below are my favorite workouts of hers.

Caroline Girvan

If you want intense, Caroline Girvan is the place to go. Her videos really make you feel the burn. She also has such a wide variety of videos ranging in length. On her channel, she specializes in weekly fitness plans. If you are looking for more of a structured and planned workout schedule, Caroline is great! Here are some of my fave videos!

Casi Davis

When I am looking for a solid leg or glute workout, Casi Davis is my first choice. She makes other content as well but her workouts are the bomb! She has a lot of videos that involve the use of dumbbells or ankle weights for added intensity. Below are a few of my go to glute and leg workouts.

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