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My 2021 Fashion Trend Predictions

2020 was filled with a ton of new innovations in fashion and many styles from the 90's came back in style. We're only a few weeks into 2021 but I see some major trends coming up in our near future. A ton of fashion influencers on Tik Tok and Youtube have already started to share their predictions! I thought I would hop on this trend because I predict some major style trends in our near future! Let me know what you want to come back in the comments!

Juicy Sweat Suits

Personally, I've been ready for Juicy Sweatsuits to come back for forever. Sweat sets were a super big trend in 2020 as well as 90's velvet zip ups. Juicy Sweatsuits are the perfect combination of both of these things!! Not only are they super comfy but they also make for a great no-effort casual look.

Sheer long sleeves

Honestly, this trend would be a great addition to 2021. This trend is so versatile because you can wear a mesh long sleeve so many different ways. You can wear it underneath a shirt for a layered-moment or you could wear a bralette top underneath. There is also sheer tops with a regular shirt material on the torso and big sheer balloon sleeves.

Fur Trim Coats

There was a ton of coat trends in 2020 such as the big brown north face puffer coats or leather blazers. I think that fur trim coats are going to be the next big thing. They seriously add a chic, almost Gossip Girl-ish aesthetic to any outfit. They can be dressed up or down and pair well with stuff we most likely already have in our closets.

Flair Pants

Let me just say... FLAIR PANTS ARE EVERYTHING. Animal Print flair pants are adorable and come in so many different materials. They can come in a more heavy duty material like denim or canvas but if you want a more comfy material you can find them in a spandex or a knit cotton. If crazy prints are a little out of your comfort zone you can always go with flair jeans. Flair jeans are such a fashionable switch from regular mom jeans. I think this will be a big 2021 trend because it combines so many aspects that are already trending like fun prints.

Cowboy Boots

Ok hear me out... Cowboy boots are going to become a must have in your wardrobe in 2021. They don't have to be super "country" either (unless you like that! hahah). They are such a great alternative if your sick of the usual Air Force 1 or vans. You can wear them with any outfit for a stylish statement. They go with virtually any pants, shorts, or skirts!

Knee High Boots

Knee High Boots are defiantly coming back in 2021. Knee High boots can make any outfit go from 0-10 very quickly. They also make for such a good Instagram picture. You can make a super great dressy outfit with black knee high boots paired with a black miniskirt and a leather blazer.


Pearls are going to become the must have accessory of 2021. Many celebrities are already starting to show their love for pearls including vice-president Kamala Harris! Her monochromatic purple outfit paired with a classy pearl necklace on inauguration day really wowed the fashion community. Pearls come in so many different forms too, and they especially look good when layered with gold jewelry. Currently looking for a pearl necklace of my own!

Letterman Jackets

So we have all seen the letterman jackets that football players wear to school. There is so surprise that letterman jackets have made their way into almost any movie pertaining to high school. But letterman jackets don't always have to be your school colors.... The letterman jackets that are bound to be in 2021 will feature greens, browns, blues, and whites as well as patches and leather sleeves.

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