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Interview with Kirrily Edwards

I am estatic to share with you all an interview I did with Kirrily Edwards, also known as @kizactivelife. I am so passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and when I stumbled upon Kirrily on my "For-You-Page" last summer, I could not have been happier!

Kirrilly Edwards is a 20 year old competitive swimmer and from Sydney, Austraila. On her social medias, she advocates for a healthy lifestyle by sharing hundreds of delicious recipes, motivation/inspiration, workouts and a little bit of her own lifestyle as a swimmer and foodie. Another thing that is so unique about her platform is that she really connects with her followers through motivational messages and inspiration. She shows us that balance should be a priority in our lives and that a happy lifestyle also means a happy mind.

Trust me when I tell you, she has THE BEST healthy recipies out there, and I've tried by fair share. From cake, smoothies, protien balls, nourish bowls, to pasta sauce, she really has it all. She has really inspired me to find balance in my life by nourishing my body and mind! I could go on forever about how much she has impacted my life and how great her recipes are but without further adue: Lets got into the interview!

Life According to Frankie: You make a ton of delicious recipes and great at-home workouts, this really inspires others to get active and start eating healthier. What inspired you to start eating healthy and working out? What inspired you to start your instagram account?

Kirrily: I started living a healthier lifestyle in 2015 when I started competitive swimming! I remember I qualified for nationals for the first time and wanted to start fuelling my body better to help with my performance and overall just make me feel more energised and confident in myself. I definitely have had my ups and downs and spent quite a long time struggling to find balance. My relationship with food and my body hasn’t always been great and impacted me for quite sometime. But after many years I finally feel like I am now living a more balanced lifestyle and have created a more positive mindset towards both food and my body. I started my instagram account in 2019 to share healthy recipes, workouts and to hopefully motivate and inspire others to become their healthiest, happiest selves. I wanted to start this instagram account for so long and I'm so happy I finally did!! It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done!!

Life According to Frankie: Having a healthy relationship with food is super important. What message do you want to spread about this relationship and what is your philosophy when it comes to eating?

Kirrily: A healthy relationship with food is so important and that’s one thing I always talk about on my social medias. I have shared some of my journey and I hope that this can help people if they are struggling with food to reach a better place. I believe it's important to nourish your body with foods that make you feel happy, healthy and energised, but its also important to include foods that you love, that may be less nutrient dense. Healthy eating looks different for everyone and there’s no one size fits all! It’s so important to find a way of eating that works for you and makes you feel the best! Even if we all ate the same, our bodies would still all look so different and that’s why it's so important to never try and copy how someone else eats! For me, healthy eating is really about balance, moderation and listening to my body. I eat intuitively and fuel my body with foods that make me feel good, but also enjoy treats sometimes!

Life According to Frankie: What is your go-to meal before one of your swim meets?

Kirrily: My go-to meal before a swim meet is raisin toast with peanut butter and banana or weet-bix with honey and banana!

Life According to Frankie: Where do you find inspiration for your recipes? What goes into developing them?

Kirrily: I love being creative in the kitchen and have always loved cooking growing up! I get inspiration from Pinterest and instagram, and also just think of different foods I enjoy and somehow come up with a recipe!! However It does sometimes takes me a few times to get it right!!

Life According to Frankie: I discovered you on tik tok during the Covid-19 pandemic and I know you started your health and wellness account back in 2019. How has the pandemic/lockdown impacted your journey on social media? How has it benefited you and your platform? Has it given you other opportunities?

Kirrily: Social media has been one thing that really helped me get through the pandemic. My mental health was really low in 2020 but social media gave me a purpose and kept me busy. It was one thing I could continue to do and something and I really enjoy doing. I had so much time to create content and be active on social media and this was when my social media accounts started to grow. If anything the pandemic helped me realise how much I enjoy creating content and its definitely something I want to continue doing for the long term. I love how it has enabled me to interact and connect with people all over the world and I feel so lucky to have such an amazing community on there!

If you are interested in Kirrily Edward's content, go check out her Instagram @kizactivelife or her Tok Tok @kizedwards_

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