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How to make Money as a Young Teen

Making money as a young teen is hard, and thats the truth. If your under 16, you can't really get any sort of job or internship. Therefore it's hard to have a steady source of income. Even if you are over 16, having a "side hustle" is really nice. I myself am a huge saver, and I like to work for stuff I want to save up for. Starting at around 10, I started finding ways to make money for myself. Although, google didn't really help me when I tried to look up ways to do it. They would suggest taking online surveys but I don't think that is very reliable. Here are my top 4 realistic ways that you can make money as a young teen.

  1. Sell a product

Selling stuff that you make is a super easy way to make extra cash. In middle school, I had a slime business. I also made friendship bracelets and scrunchies and sold them for 2$ at my mom's work. Now, I make those Pinterest fur bags and sell them on my Depop. This has honestly been the best way to make money as a kid because you don't really need a big clientele. If your allowed, you can sell your items at your school, local park, or just set up a stand in your neighborhood. You can also create an Etsy account.

2. Reselling Clothes

At the moment, this is one of the best ways that I make money. As I mentioned, I have a Depop account where I sell my old clothes that are in good condition. I also sell my bags and any other of the sewing projects I make. There are many other apps to sell your old clothes such as Poshmark, or you can go to an actual buy-sell store such as Wasteland or Crossroads Trading Post. If you are unsure of what to sell, go check out my article on How to Clean Out your Closet!

3. Informal Jobs

These jobs are informal because you aren't part of a company, you are more just helping your community and getting paid directly. When applying to a real job, these work experiences really give your application some bulk. Here are a few ideas:

- Dog walking

- Car washing

- House cleaning

- Landscaping

- Lawn mowing

- Baby or Pet Sitting

4. Tutoring

Tutoring is such a good option because you most likely have the resources right in front of you. You can reach out to parents of younger kids at your school and tell them your strong suits and what you can teach their child. A lot of schools offer tutoring programs as well and you can set it up with their help.

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