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How to Effectively Clean Out your Closet... For Good

Spring has sprung and the cleaning has just begun! (really proud of myself for that rhyme) But seriously, when was the last time you cleaned out your closet? Closets have notoriously been the place where clutter piles up. Its also the location of a ton of clothes that you probably haven't worn in years. This spring is the season to clean out your closet and keep it clean.

Personally, I'm a neat freak. I mainly just need everything to be tucked away, is it organized? No. But we're still working on it. Thats actually one of my goals this year, is to keep my drawers organized. Anyways, I've mastered the art of cleaning out clothes, with the help of Marie Condo and Youtube of course. If you don't know where to start with your spring cleaning, this is a sign to start in your closet! Here is the ultimate method to cleaning out your closet:

  1. Put EVERYTHING on the floor and out of your closet.

When I say everything, I mean everything. Pull everything out of your drawers, hangers, bins, etc. You can separate it into piles according to what type of clothing article it is, this will help you to stay organized. This really puts into perspective the amount of stuff you have. It also inclines you to get rid of things because it kind of overwhelms you, but in a healthy way lol. Getting everything out of your closet lets you A. assess the space you actually have in your closet, B. makes you clear out your unorganized stuff to then put back in, in an organized fashion, and C. makes you ponder how much clothing you actually need.

2. Start Big.

Personally, starting small is not the move for me. I like to go to bigger piles first, like shirts or pants and digress to the smaller ones like socks or bathing suits. This really just helps to get the major things done first and the top priority out of the way.

3. What brings you joy?

This is where Marie Kondo comes into play. Marie Kondo is a professional organizer who has written a few books on the subject and even started a show where she goes into peoples homes and helps them to clear things out. She questioned, what is now a widespread phenomena, what items spark joy? The rational is: if you physically hold something and it doesn't spark joy for you, it is time to give that item a new home. When cleaning my closet, I hold every item individually and ask myself that question. Honestly, its kind of a soul searching question, because an item may spark joy but have no use anymore. That is completly fine, just make sure it is stored somewhere else rather than in with the clothes you acually wear.

4. The 6 month rule.

If holding each article of clothing is too much for you, you may want to consider the 6 month rule. If you haven't worn that item in 6 months or more and don't see yourself wearing that item in 6 months, it is most likely time to get rid of it. Things for special occasions such as fancy dresses and tuxidos are an exception.

5. Make piles.

When I am clearing out clothes I don't wear anymore, I like to make a keep, sell, donate, and trash pile. In the sell pile, I put articles that are in great condition, have only been worn a few times, or still have the tags on. Later I'll post these items on my depop or go to a buy-sell store. In the donate pile, I put anything that can still be worn again, clothing in good condition, and just stuff that doesn't quite make the selling cut. In the trash pile, I usually put severly stained or damaged clothes, old sockes, and underwear. Most thrift stores don't even accept those items anyway, so if you want to save the employees a few hours, I suggest you go ahead and trash the stuff that can't be used again.

6. Put your clothes away in an organized fashion.

This is a super important step to truly get that good closet clean out. Not only does it provide a fesh start, it also helps you to see exactly what you are putting back into your closet. Even though it may become messy in a few weeks, you can always do touch ups here and there; Such as folding your clothes or matching your socks.

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