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How to Create a Vision Board

It's the end of January but there is still time to set some resolutions. Most of the time, we stick with them for a week and then fall out of it. Whether it is going to the gym, spending time on self care, or eating better to nourish your body: the goal sometimes gets lost in the craziness of life.

Last year, I got into practicing the Law of Attraction in order to remember my goals. Basically, the Law of Attraction states that positive actions and thoughts yeilds positive results. For example, if you are nice to people, you will recive kindness back. I also heard this other story where a woman gave a homeless man the rest of the money in her wallet because she really connected with him. A few steps later, she found a hundred-dollar-bill at her feet. Putting out positive vibrations into the universe will only bring you positive outcomes.

This is where a vision board comes in. Below I am going to tell you how you can build a few simple vision boards using materials that you already have at home. In creating your personalized board, you can use magazine cut outs, printed pictures, pintrest, and stickers to convey your goals, ideas, and aesthetic. A few ideas that you can include in your vision board:

  • Fitness goals

  • Fashion goals

  • Food goals

  • Financial goals

  • Carrer goals

  • Self love quotes

  • Inspirational quotes

  • Word of the year

  • Encouragements

  • Room/Home inspiration

  • Travel inspiration

  • Aesthetic pictures

  • Pictures of things that you like to do

  • Pictures of a time when you were happy, felt great, with your friends or family, or any other memory you love

  • Environment, beach, pretty locations, etc.

  • Any other personal goals

Constructing the Vision Board

Online Collage

Online collages make great computer and phone backgrounds. You could also print it out and hang it up. This option is also completly free!


  • Computer, Phone, or Tablet

  • Collage App: Canva, Pic Collage, Picsart, Google, etc.

  • Pintrest

  • Camera Roll


  1. Gather a ton of pictures off of your camera roll and/or Pinterest

  2. You can either put them in a collage app and have them format it for you, or do a freestyle collage.

  3. Set as computer or phone background to always be reminded of your goals!

Here is a sample of one of my online collages that I made when redecorating my room and my 2021 Law of Attraction computer wallpaper:

Paper and Glue

This is a great option if you are crafty and looking for something to DIY. It doesn't cost much, if at all, and is super customizable


  • Printed Pictures

  • Magazine Cutouts

  • Stickers

  • Caligraphy pens, markers, colored pencils, pens

  • Scissors

  • Construction paper

  • Glue or tape


  1. Cut out pictures, words, or quotes from magazines, print out pictures from camera roll or Pinterest, and gather construction paper, glue, and any other materials

  2. Lay out the collage before putting it together to get a better visual.

  3. Start collaging! Glue on pictures anywhere you want and create the collage!

  4. Once you are finished: hang it up, frame it, or display it somewhere noticeable. Putting the vision board somewhere you can see will help you remember your goals and manifest your dreams!

Here is an example I found online!


This is the most costly type of vision board but can look super professional and serve as real room decor. I got my frame from target and printed out my photos at a kiosk at CVS.


  • Frame

  • Printed pictures, magazine cut outs, stickers, etc.

  • Scissors

  • Glue/tape


  1. Gather all materials.

  2. Lay out the collage on the floor before putting it together to get a better visual.

  3. You can make a collage on paper and just place it in the frame. However, My frame was glass so I taped all my pictures to one side of the glass and then clamped the frame together

  4. Display!

Here was my 2021 vision board:

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