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Fashion Trends That NEED To Be Continued Into 2021... and a few that we can leave behind

Let’s just say 2021 had a fashion revolution. SOOOO many new trends started and its safe to say that it was for the better. However, there were a few trends that were pretty controversial. Personally, 2020 was about reinventing my style and moving out of my old ways. Now in 2021, I’m slowly building my dream closet and I. am. OBSESSED. I asked you guys on instagram what your favorite and least favorite 2020 fashion trends were. There were a ton of mixed opinions so let me know in the comments what you agree and disagree with! Remember: these are mainly just my opinions but everyone should wear what they feel comfortable in! First we’re going to talk about what everyone loved:

  • Leather Blazers

Leather Blazers were one of the biggest 2020 fashion trends. Not only has the leather blazer been integrated into numerous luxury fashion brands, you can also find an affordable good-quality leather jacket from stores such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Zara, and Grey Bandit. You can create virtually any outfit with a leather blazer. Dress it up with some nice pants, a white blouse and layered jewelry. You can also style it casually with some jeans, converse, and a simple tank top or turtle neck. Below are a few leather blazer options on the more affordable side!

  • Anything Brown or Sage

Although brown has been considered an ugly color for clothes in the past, it has really made a comeback. Many people are now going for more neutral colored looks and we're here for it. From brown graphic crew necks to brown leather pants, you can style the color so many ways. It especially looks good with gold jewelry or another muted color such as Champaign, white, or grey blue. As for sage.... this color is EVERYTHING. It seriously compliments every skin tone, hair color, and eye color. It also pairs well with other earthy tones like brown, cream, or even a darker green. Nevertheless you can style it so many ways!

  • Patterned Pants

Patterned pants are a super unique way to spice up any outfit. They can easily be paired with a coordinating color to create a bomb look. If you're like me, you don't have too many statement pieces in your closet and sometimes feel as if you have been wearing the same outfit over and over. These fun pants will be a great way to spice up your 2021!

  • Hair Clamps

Hair clamps blew up in 2020 and are a great, practical accessory. When I used to think of hair claps, I never really thought they could be a cute accessory, they were more to just get you hair out of your face. Now, there is such a wide variety of clips that are super affordable and you can find anywhere.They can be added to literally any outfit for a sleek look and an added bonus that you don't have to do your hair! I have found the best clamps on Amazon, Etsy, Rite Aid, and Target.

  • Corset and Wired Tops

Corset tops are so flattering on every body type. They can make an outfit go from 0 to 10 and you can pair them with any kind of pants or a skirt. It is also a great option for any one going for the cottage core vibe or even just a classy outfit. I tend to lean more towards wired tops as opposed to corsets but they both give off a similar vibe.

  • Mini Handbags

Once again, another great accessory that got me through 2020. Not only are mini handbags super cute, but they also are really practical for just storing your wallet, phone, and hand sanitizer. They are pretty affordable as well and more and more stores are starting to sell them. Below are a few of my favorites!

Now lets talk about what we could easily go without in 2021:

warning this might get controversial

  • Patchwork

Don't get me wrong, SOME patchwork pants can be super cute if they are good quality. But some patchwork is so questionable. I think its safe to say that patchwork tops and sets can stay back in 2020. Not only can it look really cheap, but it can also look too matchy-matchy. Above is an example of a patchwork outfit that simply don't sit right with me.

  • Bright Tie Dye

Tie dye was all the rage this summer. It honestly is such a fun activity to do with your friends but I think we can leave it up to the professionals to do it for us. To me, bright tie dye looks cheap and doesn't really pair well with anything. It's also really hard to not look like your in summer camp. However, I think tie dye with muted colors or just not neon can be really cute and chic.

  • Dad Shoes

This trend throws me off so much and I just think its really hard to pull it off. By dad shoes, I mean Asics or New Balance tennis shoes. I think they can look super cute in Instagram photos but when I see people wearing them around I'm just confused. They are so hard to style correctly. I think they can look super cute with leggings or flared leggings but other than that, they look outdated. Overall, I would not be sad if this trend dies this year.

  • Knee Length Sweat Shorts

The key word here is "Knee Length." I think that sweat shorts that are the size of jean shorts are super cute, but knee length.... not so much. Knee length sweat shorts kind of remind me of those awkwardly long athletic shorts that boys used to wear in elementary school. Knee length shorts along with a flattering pose can make a super cute Instagram picture. However, I can't imagine just walking around in them and actually looking cute.

  • Biker Shorts

Although biker shorts can look very flattering on some people, for the vast majority, they just make us look short. I just feel like theres so many alternatives like leggings or even short sweat shorts. Biker shorts are usually an awkward length and its super hard to style them successfully.

They also low-key look like those knee length jean shorts that girls used to wear in 1st grade.

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