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Fashion trends that NEED to be continued in 2022... and a few that we can leave behind

In honor of the 1 year anniversary of Life According to Frankie, I've decided to recreate one of my first ever blog posts!! I absolutely loved writing this article last year because it takes a look at the ups and downs of our past year of teen fashion.

Teen fashion trends, inevitably, have their ups and downs. Some styles are timeless, whereas others need to be thrown out... immediately. No one will ever collectively agree to trash a trend, so these are just my personal opinion. I would never judge anyone for taking part in any trend because we are all guilty of it! So this isn't an attack on anyone, it is simply a passionate opinion. Without further adieu, lets cash or trash the past year of fashion trends!!


I personally LOVE the crochet trend. It incorporates tons of different colors, textures, and designs. If you are crafty, it is also the perfect outlet and pass-time. I started crocheting in April and have already made so many projects. The fulfillment you get after finishing a project you made ENTIRELY BY YOURSELF is amazing. Another thing I like about the trend is that every piece is unique.

Cowboy Boots

I LOVEEE cowboy boots and I wish more people would hop on board with this trend! Luckily for me, my mom saved a few pairs of boots from the 90s, you can see them on the far right. They go so well with shorts, dresses, jeans, and skirts. Since they aren't too popular, you can use them as a statement piece. Also, lets just talk about the practicality of it! They are so durable and great for a little adventure.


Again, another example of a trend that is so practical! Shackets are the perfect fall and winter statement. They are great layering pieces are are so versatile. They can be worn over a gym fit, a going out to dinner with friends get up, or just with a pair of jeans while running errands. You can also find a ton of shackets in small businesses or big ones like Amazon. I got mine from a small business at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for a great price!

Flared Leggings

Lets just take a moment to appreciate how flared leggings/yoga pants are so cute yet so comfortable. Paired with a sweater and some chunky sneakers.... BAM you have a super stylish fit. There are tons of good options at Princess Polly, Alo, and Amazon!

Low Rise Pants

Now this one might be controversial. Personally, I am a huge fan of low rise pants. I think they are super flattering and honestly a huge confidence booster. With low rise pants, you can also play with the length of your top in order to flatter your body type. I like to wear longer tops that are still cropped while wearing low rise pants in order to bring more attention to my hips. They are also so timeless and will always come back in style.

Green Converse

Converse overall as a trend is one thing. But the GREEN converse really hit the spot. Not only are Converse just classic shoes in general, they can be elevated so many ways to become the statement of an outfit. The electric green that I'm referring to (best seen on the far right) is such a chic yet subtile addition to really any outfit. Everyone needs a fun pop of color!!

Leather Pants

To be honest, at first I wasn't a big fan of the leather pants trend. However, as many do, I have come to love it and am currently on the hunt for my favorite pair (2 options are sitting on my desk as I write). They elevate every outfit by adding a touch of class. They are so perfect for a night out and are relatively easy to style!

Summer Prints/ Hibiscus

Let me preface this by saying I am a little iffy on this trend. Some hibiscus prints can be overwhelming and almost tacky. But, if you style them right, the print can have the perfect summery effect. I am in love with the hibiscus print bathing suits. They make for such great pictures!!

Halter-esk Tops

Thankfully, we have made the transition from those basic, flat neck halter tops to interesting, fancy halter tops. Your definition of "halter" may be different but nevertheless, I loved seeing all of the new necklines that came out of 2021.

Oversized Button Up

This trend was huge over summer and I'm here for it! Oversized shirts are great items to thrift and they can be styled in more ways then one. Try throwing it over a bathing suit, under a sweater vest, or just with some shorts! They add great dimension to an outfit and are such good layering pieces.

Velour Sweat Pants

I LOVE that velour (specifically juicy) is coming back. Whether it is a tracksuit or matching set, or just the pants, velour is a great texture that levels up any basic comfy outfit. The best part is that you can dress the material up with some boots or down with your favorite hoodie. Overall, so practical, comfortable, and stylish.

What we can leave behind...

Honestly, I haven't had too many qualms with fashion trends this year. However, I still do have issues with the trends from last year... anyways. There are still a few trends that I think are a bit tacky and out of style. Let me know what you think!

Y-cut out dresses

Honestly, this shape of cut out knit is just not cute. I don't think I've ever seen someone pull this off. Not because they weren't beautiful, but simply this style does not fit everyone right. It isn't super flattering for any body type. Overall, I think we could do better with the types of cut outs we do.

Tight Sweater Vests

I am guilty of this trend. I have a tight sweater vest and I've worn it a whopping one time. Sweater vests as a top by themselves just look incomplete. A vest is something that should be layered and used to tie an outfit together, not something that is just worn by itself. Not to say that all sweater vests are bad though, those oversized ones paired with some jeans or a tennis skirt: chef's kiss!


I really can't get behind the clog trend. Hate to say it, but the style is antiquated. This trend takes blast from the past a little too seriously. Sure, slippers in the clog style are cute because you wear them inside, with pajamas... But other than that, clogs are a little like clown shoes to me.

Plastic Gem Rings

This is a flat out no. So cheap. So tacky. Need I say more?

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