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A Beginner's Guide to Crystals: How to Use Them

If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side but don't know where to start, I've got you covered! I have recently been interested in crystals and their benefits but I've been having issues really understanding what to do with each crystal how to use them. Luckily for you, I've been doing the research so you don't have to! Everything you need to know about beginning to dabble in the crystal world is right here! Remember to check out my first article in this mini series!

How to choose a crystal and where to find them

There is such a wide variety of crystals, they are generally said to have healing and meditative powers. Each type of crystal represents and gives off a different type of energy, so it may be hard to choose which one is best for you solely based on their beautiful appearance. When picking out your first crystal, you will naturally be drawn to certain ones based on their color, shape, pattern, etc. This attraction is the universe telling you that you will need that crystal and its meaning, in your life. Before going to purchase your crystals, you may have done some research based on what you want out of them, for example: you may be wanting some stability in your life so you look up which kind of crystal is best for that. This is a great way to get the crystal that is right for you however, go into the store with your mind open to new crystals because you may find that, you need the ones you are naturally attracted to more. You can find crystals at places like Anthropology or Urban Outfitters but they are usually super expensive and they have a very limited selection. A local metaphysical store would be better for finding crystals because they have such a wide variety and their tumbled stones usually range from 1-5 $. You also have the peace of mind knowing that they are real and legit. If you can't find a metaphysical store near you, look on Etsy!

How to care for your crystals

Little known fact, crystals actually absorb negative energy much like humans do, therefore, you need to cleanse them! For every method list, I recommend cleansing them at least once a month or whenever you feel that their positive energy is low. Here are several ways to cleanse your crystals to extract their ultimate spiritual benefits:

  • One way to cleanse you crystals is to immerse them in sage or incense smoke. While at the metaphysical store, you can pick up a bundle of sage (they normally average about 3$). Use a lighter to burn the end of the sage and once it is smoking, but not on fire, you can hold the crystal in your hand, or place it on a table, and just wave the sage spoke abound it. Make sure the sage smoke touches all areas of the crystal. Do this until you feel satisfied.

  • Another way to cleanse your crystal is to place it under the light of a full moon. This is as simple as it sounds! On the night of a full moon, simply place your crystal under the moon light either outside or on a window sill.

  • Leaving a bowl of water or rain water out under the full moon will act as a cleansing bath for the crystal. The energy of that water will already be cleansed by the moon so you can just submerge your crystals in the water. It's important to note that some crystals do not react well with water and water may damage them. Before using this method, be sure to research if your crystal will react with water!

Set intentions for your crystals

Crystals radiate certain energies but it is important to set intentions for your crystal in order for them to give you the best results. Setting intentions is super easy!

  1. First you are going to sit or stand in a comfy position holding your crystal in your hand.

  2. In your head, connect with the universe and your higher self.

  3. Visualize what you want that crystal to bring you whether its a good friendship, financial stability, less stress, self love, etc.

  4. You can say your specific intention out loud or in your head: "This crystal now holds the intention of ____" (You can set more than 1).

  5. Say thank you. This will show the universe that what you want already exists and is not impossible to achieve.

Ways to use your crystals

There are numerous ways to use your crystals to ensure that the vibrations remain with you. Here are a few simple ways to incorporate crystals into your every day routine:

  • Meditate with them. Personally, I didn't think meditation was my thing but I've tried it a few times and it's great! Its such a good way to clear your head, release stress, and organize your thoughts. You can find guided meditation on Youtube that focus on breathing and relaxing. What I usually do is just play my favorite music and sit on the floor holding my crystals in my hands. I also like to visualize what that crystal has already done for me and what I want it to do in the future.

  • Carry them in your purse. Again, all crystals radiate different things so you obviously don't have to carry all of your crystals with you everywhere. Say you want some tranquility that day, carry around a crystal that radiates that energy. In an earlier article I explained the meaning of some basic crystals to add to your collection so defiantly go and check that out to learn more about each crystal's vibration and spiritual characteristics.

  • Sleep with them on your bedside table. This is a great option to recharge your spirt overnight so you are ready for the next day. When you are falling asleep, think about what that crystal has done and is doing for you. Is it making you feel less stressed? Do you want it to make you have better sleep?

That completes my beginners guide to crystals! Keep in mind, I am still learning about them myself so if you have anything to add or talk about, be sure to leave a comment below! Also, Make sure to check out my beginner's crystal list for more information about what certain crystals mean and what energy they give off.

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