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  • Frankie Smith

A Beginner's Guide to Crystals: Crystals and their Meanings

Recently, I've been starting to experiment with crystals and I know many of you have too! During this pandemic, all of us have struggled with negative energies in one form or another, whether its sadness, grief, boredom, or lack of motivation. I've started to dabble a little bit in the crystal world in hopes of boosting my spirits and welcoming more positive energy into my life. One of the most difficult things for me was learning and remembering all of the different meanings of each crystal and how to use them, in fact: I'm still trying to do this! If you are experiencing this as well, listen up! Below is a full guide to the best crystals for beginners along with each one's meanings and energies. This is the first post of my crystal series so defiantly stay tuned for "A Beginner's Guide to Crystals: How to use them" coming soon!


  • peace

  • protective shield that wards off negative energy

  • groundedness

  • tranquility

  • calm


  • courage

  • determination

  • nobility

  • purification

  • healing

Rose Quartz

  • romantic love

  • self love

  • trust and harmony in relationships

  • friendships

  • inner/emotional healing

Clear Quartz

  • energy

  • creativity

  • clarity

  • wisdom

  • manifesting

Smoky Quartz

  • grounding

  • clears negativity

  • transformation (personal, spiritual, etc...)

  • cleansing

  • protection

Tiger's eye

  • resilience

  • willpower

  • cleansing

  • confidence

  • personal strength


  • willpower

  • motivation

  • physical stamina

  • mental wellness

  • wealth and prosperity


  • protection

  • harmony

  • abundance

  • prosperity

  • self discovery

Black Obsidian

  • protecting

  • clears negative energy

  • dissolves emotional blocks

  • personal growth

  • power


  • confidence

  • vitality

  • empowerment

  • courage

  • boosts energy

Lapis Lazuli

  • healing

  • inner truth

  • intuition

  • self- knowledge

  • inner peace


  • spiritual cleansing

  • clarity

  • positivity

  • connects to higher self

  • insight

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