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8 Things I Learned in 2021

2021 has been a whirlwind of a year. Coming out of 2020, I think we all had high expectations for 2021. However, during 2021, we we were still in the midst of a global pandemic, I was in the middle of high school, and life started to actually get stressful. Nevertheless, there were many high points: finally being able to travel (a little bit at least), going back to regular activities, job oppurtunities, and most of all, starting this blog. The twists and turns of 2021 were bound to bring some new knowledge and life lessons. Here is what I've taken away.

Dehydration headaches aren't cute

I don't know what it has been about these past few months but i have not been drinking nearly enough water. Sometimes I'll find myself drinking 1 water bottle a day, and thats it. Then I'm just tired and will get headaches. After doing some research, a lot resonated with me. Benefits such as increased physical preformance, better mood, and less headaches are all connected to drinking plenty of water. This is also a great new-years resolution.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and a while... you could miss it"

When I was trying to think of a way to summarize what i was feeling, the Ferris Bueller's Day Off quote really captured it. Things that come to mind when reading it are: live in the moment, take pictures, slow down, don't get caught up in the little things and have fun. The most memorable times I've had in 2021 have been when I just was. The action of taking a step back to look at the world around your, reflect on your choices, and romanticize your life are moments of true peace. If you get caught up in the little things, your life could get caught up with it. Taking time to simply enjoy life has really created some great times. In conclusion: LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!


In the beginning of the year, I discovered Law of Attraction. It changed my life. I realized that I have the power to control MY life, MY choices, and MY future. There is no doubt in my mind that manifestation is real. You literally have the power to recieve good energy from the universe, if you put it out there as well. I would love to do an article on the Law of Attraction in the future, expect that in 2022 ;).

You need a pass-time

Personally, I have to keep busy for my mental health to stablize. Sitting around for too long with no real direction leaves me anxious. Especially during quarantine, the summer, and other extended breaks, I've had this feeling of lag, like I was behind on doing something. Sometimes that feeling is real, and sometimes it isn't, but I've discovered that a pass-time has made me more productive, focused, driven, and mentally sound overall. I like to crochet, make crafts, journal, organize, clean, etc.


I haven't been making enough time to physically journal recently (one of my new years resolutions :)) so pictures have been gaining importance. I've captured so many memories, funny moments, and even aesthetically pleasing things with my various cameras. It is such a great way to remeber the moment (obv) but you are also going to be able to look back on them when you are older. My mom always tells me little stories about her and her friends in school, or from her 20s. I want to be able to share the same things with my kids one day.

You can be doing your best and still not FEEL your best... and that is ok

Out of all years, I have needed the most emotional validation in 2021. A sign or someone to tell me that my feelings are valid, that others feel the same way. I have felt like I've been trying my hardest to do my best, but still not feel fufilled. Knowing that others go through that as well has made it easier to deal with. Just know that everything will get better soon!!

It will figure itself out

Some things just can't be solved. But if I just let it be, it will eventually pass or untangle itself. Letting go of control can release unnecessary stress. Being too uptight about something just wastes time. Instead, letting go can help us focus on our interests and have more fun. Overall, don't sweat the small stuff. I am still trying to practice this, and it will take time to master, but at least I'm working on it!!

Stop expecting you from other people

I saw this quote on pintrest a few months ago and wow is it accurate. I am the type of person who will gove my 150% to people and get disappointed when I don't get it back. In 2021, I started letting go of my expectations of people. When you have low expectations, you won't get as hurt when people disapoint you. While there is some friends and family that you should hold high expectations for, the only person you can truly rely on is yourself. You have the power to do what is best for you and manage your feelings to ensure there is minimal damage on your own mental health.

Although we all had our high points and low points in 2021, we still determine our future. Take 2022 as an oppurtunity to grow and make new memories, on your own terms. The new year is a perfect oppurtunity to start fresh and leave the past in the past. We are also coming up on the 1 year anniversary of Life According to Frankie. The past year with the blog have been amazing and such a great way for me to channel my intrests in journalism, fashion, food, and much more. Thank you to everyone that has supported me on this journey. 2022 is going to be a great year for the blog and I'm so excited for all the content coming out next year!! See you on the flip side :)

XOXO - Frankie

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